Fatima is an excellent photographer!

Fatima Suljagic is doing photography for more then twenty years. She is in love with nature, especially landscape photography! She has been producing amazing fine art prints for years. You can have a full conference in her photography skills. Fatima is located in Melbourne but provides photography services to all Australian states. In her fine art print collection you can find amazing images of Australian nature such as flowers, sunsets, beaches, cityscapes, seascapes and wildlife. Please, follow the Google plus social media button, provided at the bottom of the page, to learn more about Fatima's image collections and read amazing inspiring stories posted with images. 

Family Photographer Melbourne | Fatima Suljagic

Baby Photography by Fatima Suljagic

Fatima is an excellent Digital Artist 

Fatima uses Adobe photoshop at master level to produce amazing digital art. Please, search for Fatima's social media pages to learn more about her digital art production. This page will be updated with Fatima's digital artwork in a soon future. Please follow links below to Custom Brochure Design, Business Card Design and Greeting Cards Design to learn more about Fatima's Graphic Design Skills.

Fatima Suljagc is an excellent Scientist

To learn more about Fatima's Science Work and make a donation, please follow this link: