About Fatima Suljagic

Fatima Suljagic is founder and co-owner of the Art Studio Maja (Melbourne, Australia)

Fatima's Testimonial

I became an ARTIST from the moment I was born. I love photography, especially capturing landscape/nature photos and I have a great connection to nature, water and wildlife. I have studied art and digital photography through various courses (online, video trainings) in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. But, mostly through years of work in photography and graphic design (more than 15 years), I have gained knowledge and experience to achieve excellent work in fields of Fine Art Photography and Graphic Design. I use photoshop CS6 at master level, to create fine art prints, digital art and to design: postcards, greeting cards, brochures, trademarks (logos), unique websites and many other designs as required.

I have spent many years studying, digital art, photography and science. I often refer to myself as graphic artist/photographer/scientist. I have achieved a Bachelor Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology (Zagreb, Croatia).  In the year 2011, I upgraded my degree to medical at Deakin University (Melbourne, AU) by completing the Anatomy & Physiology course. I proudly can say that I have achieved HD (89%) as a final score in this course.

From year 2011 to 2014 I was doing postgraduate degree by research, at Victoria University (Melbourne). I used mostly Gas chromatography instrumental method to analyse gases and other components of the treated food systems by Ultrasound Technology. I examined how this technology affects nutrients such as fatty acids and volatiles (flavours). I am really proud of my education. My science degrees enabled me to figure many diseases out, including cancer. I gained excellent knowledge in food science, nutrition, health and biomedicine. With my research I really wanted to improve health and food safety standards in Australia, and to eliminate the risks of the disease.