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Art Studio Maja (Melbourne, Australia), designs amazing customised business card designs for cooperate companies and small businesses. We design business promotional material for big companies, hotels, restaurants, shops etc., please use this link to our quick quote form and tell us about your project!

Business card design is the important part of companies presentation and business identity. Therefor, it has to be engaging, focused on companies products and services and identity of the person to whom card was designed to. The design has the power to engage customers attention! The main purpose is to tell customers about yourself, who you are, what you do and who you work for. The catchy design can get people's attention. We do professional customise business card designs that are simple, with catchy high resolution images and great graphics.

Here are some Art Studio Maja's business cards designs for your observation. Please, note that in all designed we used our details, which are replaced with your own, upon a purchase of the design.  All art work and photography was provided by Fatima Suljagic. Fatima needed only a few hours to make all four designs.

Art Studio Maja business card designers charge ~$200/hr! As we are rebuilding our website, these special prices are promotional and they may change some time in the future.

As you can see two first designs are very simple, classic and give key information about companies services. Second two designs are powerful with catchy images to get people's attention. Out of four designs listed here, as a samples of our business cards graphic work, Art Studio Maja has selected last image to be an official Art Studio Maja business card.

Some business prefer plain business card design and some very complex, but what ever design you prefer, Art Studio Maja is ready to make you happy. If you need any custom design such as brochures, business cards, leaflets, Dl cards, postcards, greeting cards, we have staff waiting for your call: +61 3 9741 7056.

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We provide wide range of services for companies such as logo design (branding), advertising, website design and development, business stationary production (brochures, business cards, letterheads, leaflets, DL cards, greeting cards etc.). Follow the links below!