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Written by: Fatima Suljagic (Art Studio Maja Pty Ltd) 


I spend ten years doing cancer research voluntarily, without any financial support from anybody or any organisation, with exception that I had two years scholarship (2012 - 2014), from Victoria University. Let me just tell you the story that triggered my interest for solving cancer problem. In year 2006 my mother was diagnosed with cancer. At the time I was living in Melbourne, Australia and my mother was in Bosnia. So, I traveled to Bosnia to see my mother one last time. But shortly after I came back to Melbourne, my mother died, and my sister that was living in Sarajevo was diagnosed with cancer too. Shortly after that I was diagnosed with cancer myself. After diagnoses I was sitting in my GP’s office and he asked “How it feels to know that you have a cancer” and I answered “I hope you are never going to know”.

Cancer Story

That is how my fight with cancer started. I went on and on fighting to save my sister and myself. In 2007 we registered our company, but I postponed our business fighting cancer. I thought to myself “If I am dead, what is the point in having company or money”. That is where I learnt most important lesson of my time “Health is the most important thing”.

So in year 2011 I lost my sister too, just before her 50th birthday. Soon after, I converted my degree to biomedical at Deakin University (Melbourne) and enrolled into the Masters by Research in the Victoria University. This allowed me to have access to Scientific Library. My research project was related to Ultrasound Technology and its use in the food industry.

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CONNECTING THE DOTS in the cancer research 

In my first practical experiment on Ultrasound Technology, I realised that this technology induces high degree of oxidation, causing chain reactions in which many volatiles are produced, causing chemical unbalance of the treated system. In simple words, treated food product, in my case was milk, smells badly, and they are not recommended for human consumption. At the same time I was investigating how radicals, strong oxidants and chemical unbalance may impact our cells and possible cause overwhelming number of damaged cells, allowing dangerous microorganisms to take over in chronicle disease development. This gave me the first clue about the cancer.

From that point I spent nearly three years studying both cancer and my Ultrasound Technology. My supervisor and I starred to ague. He didn’t like my results on this technology. I was willing to tolerate just so I have access to the scientific literature. I knew that at the end I will figure things out, and I really have. I managed to give cancer real definition:

Cancer Research | Cancer Definition by Fatima Suljagic


I find out within this research that cancer patients are regularly diagnosed with infections such as hepatitis, mycobacterium, yeast infection (especially white colony of candida) and asparagillus (aflatoxins). Most of the doctors (medical professionals) thought that cancer brings immunity down allowing infections to take over, but I thought about microorganisms behaviour and symbiotic action on the cells, especially sporogenic microorganisms. Here is what I think it actually happens: the initial damage of the cells occur due to chemical exposure. Stronger chemicals, and longer exposure produce more damaged cells. In simple words: the further the pH of the chemical is from the pH of our cells (~pH 7.35), the bigger damage of cells occur. In this category I would like to mention chemicals such as strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidants, radioactive chemicals and chronicle exposure to alcohol. The damaged cells as such are prone to microbial (spores) invasion in the cancer development. Smoking also influence cancer development as make respiratory system dirty and give microbial inflammation fighting chance.

When I realised this I also realised that my Ultrasound Technology is not going to work and I left the project. I completed practical part wrote down the Thesis and then I left, without publishing my work. I didn’t want to give a reason to these guys that stand behind this technology and the scientists that already gave this technology compliment, to go after me and my family. But, I often wonder was it the right decision.

Why this technology is not going to work? First, because of chemical unbalance produced during processing and second, because sterilisation must be done to control microorganisms, and these non-thermal technologies are not set to use sterilisation so that natural resources of energy can be saved. We all want to save nature, but we need to find a successful way of doing it, definitely not on the expense of making people truly ill.

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