Fine Art Photography by Fatima Suljagic

How hard is to be PHOTOGRAPHER in this DIGITAL ERA?


I discussed this subject with my Google plus followers this morning in my last post to Google plus, you can read that story here - Australian Beaches in the Fine Art Photography by Fatima Suljagic (Art Studio Maja, Melbourne, Australia)

As I was so busy with Art Studio Maja's website redesigning, I had to forget my photography for moment. I really love photography, but is it smart to turn you lovely hobby into the business, and what happens if you do? Many people love photography, but how hard is to be a professional photographer in this digital era?

I mentioned in my Google post the advice I have got from my friend - professional photographer. Once he said to me "don't ever try to turn photography into the business, because if you do, you are going to hate photography after that", he knew that, because he was working very hard to make his photography business working. I think this answers my question. Photography is over saturated market; therefor, it is extremely competitive.

That is exactly why Art Studio Maja is trying to direct our business activities more toward graphic design and website development. We know that prices we advertise are lower than usual, but we are building our portfolio and all offered prices are promotional and they will change in the future. Use this opportunity to book our services as these prices will change as soon as we update our portfolio. 

Australian Coast 

Sunset Photography - by Art Studio Maja's photographer Fatima Suljagic

Fatima's Testimonial 

These images were captured at one of the Victorian beaches where I like to go, rest, take long walk and do some photography. All Australian beaches are source of fresh air, they provide great view and they are long, suitable for walking, bike riding and sport recreation. 

Beach Photography - by Fatima Suljagic (Art Studio Maja)

An Amazing Sun Reflection - Mesmerising Moments by Fatima Suljagic   

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