Digital photography tutorials!

Art Studio Maja (Melbourne, Australia) has organised photography tutorials, covering range of interesting subjects on actual use of digital cameras. In our photography tutorials we cover following:

  1. Shooting at low light conditions (one of the critical points for every photographer is to learn how to shoot in the law light conditions and achieve excellent image quality),
  2. How to use manual exposure (you can never be professional photographer if you don't know how to use manual exposure) 
  3. How to use Active D-lightening and reduce shadows,
  4. Other methods in the post processing that we can use to aid this problem
  5. How to focus on the subjects out of camera centre focus (focus lock)
  6. How to use post processing methods to improve image quality (most of this is also covered in photoshop tutorials)
  7. Long exposure and noise reduction
  8. How to achieve amazing image quality, image highlights, etc.
  9. The use of on camera lights (speed-lights)
  10. How to use studio lights (what light are recommended to achieve natural look of products - images), etc.

You can also give us your suggestion on what you want to learn form us. Our photography trainers have years of experience in photography and they are willing to help with any problem you may have or question. In the most of our tutorials we cover the effective use of digital SLR cameras andmore. . You can contact us by phone or use the form below to make a booking. Our phone number is +61 3 9741 7056. The actual price of photography training will depend on you selection. 

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Photography Tutorial Prices

Our price is calculated on a simple principle. The number of trainers and their hourly rate is divided by the number of participants. For example if we have 30 participants and two trainers that charge $200 an hour, then the training price will be $400 divided by 30 times the total number of hours comprising the complete photography training. Additional expenses include: studio hire, or classroom rent.The field trips may encounter additional expense for the bus hire and photography permits, where required.

Initially, you make deposit of $99 dollars and the rest is paid on the day when the training is completed. You can pay by cash or bank transfer (credit card). Please note that Initial deposit is not refundable upon cancelation. 

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Photography Tutorials Melbourne by Art Studio Maja
This is not Mars it is Australia - Australian Beaches in the Fine Art Photography by Fatima Suljagic. 


Art Studio Maja has organised photography tutorial FIELD TRIPS, to most interesting photography sites in Melbourne (Australia). We visit some of the most interesting locations within 2-3 hrs drive radius of Melbourne City. This field trip tutorials is where you really can learn actual use of digital cameras on the spot. We already mentioned that one of the critical points for every photographer is to learn how to shoot in law light conditions, this is the opportunity to learn exactly that. Fatima Suljagic is a leader of the Art Studio Maja photography tutorial team. You can contact Fatima and express your interest in the photography tutorials via organised field trips, directly on her mobile 0435 070 304. How many trips we organise depends on the number of interest expressions we receive. We are aiming for at least one trip in three months period of time. 

Photography Tutorials Field Trips Melbourne
Field trip photography tutorial offer on hands experience in photography
Photo captured BY FATIMA SULJAGIC for Art Studio Maja's Field Trip PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIALS


Please contact us by phone or fill out ONLINE FORM if you need to order our services and CONTACT FORM to request more information on any of our tutorials