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Food Product Photography Melbourne

Food Product Photography

Product Photography Melbourne

Product photography Melbourne is an extremely competitive business. I started photography many years ago, in 1992. Actually, I have got my first Nikon film camera as present that year. I have been doing photography ever since. In the meantime, I have mastered the use of camera in manual exposure mode. Actually I made only few shots in auto mode and quickly learnt that I needed to use manual settings to achieve very good image quality. Manual exposure gives better productivity, especially when used in low light conditions. Let me use this opportunity to share my experiences with you.

In photography to achieve the best results in studio product photography, there are few important factors that produce desirable outcome:

1) Photo quality and resolution

2) Photo editing (post-processing)

3) Photographer’s eye for details

4) Photography scene preparation

For some daily used pictures in market sale maybe this is not so important but for many promotional products it is. Art Studio Maja is a commercial (product) photography studio located in Melbourne. We service whole wide Melbourne area without extra traveling expenses applied. Here are few more images from our fruit product photography collection. Please follow the picture link below to our Commercial Photographers site.


Product Photography Melbourne
Product Photography Melbourne

In years of doing photography I have learnt to use manual exposure (at all times) and also how to adjust settings properly according to lightening conditions to achieve the best results at low and high light conditions. I have also mastered the photoshop image file editing. As I already mentioned that is one of the key points in achieving excellent and professional results. Please, follow our posts as I will be posting more on this subject. You can also follow our photoshop and digital photography tutorials. Follow the links below:

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