Art Studio Maja (Melbourne, Australia) has organised photoshop tutorials, covering range of interesting lessons on actual use of photoshop in the image fine art post-processing, image retouching and editing. In our photoshop tutorials we cover following:

  1. Introduction to photoshop, basic layouts, tools etc.
  2. Different methods of Image selection - selection tools
  3. Face retouch (portrait photography), image retouch, etc.
  4. Image cloning tool - how to effectively use retouching and cloning tools
  5. Colour correction, colour enhancement, the use of brushes in the image colour correction and enhancement 
  6. Introduction to layers and filters
  7. Sharpening and Softening of the images
  8. The use of layer musks 
  9. The layer effects
  10. Image quality enhancement (shadow reduction, noise reduction, highlights, lightening and darkening of the images etc.)

The exact program of the photoshop tutorials with the dates and locations will be posted to this site, so keep on following our updates, and book our site for your future references too. You can contact us by phone or use quick quote form to send us a message.

Photoshop Tutorials - Colour Correction & colour ENHANCEMENT by fatima suljagic (art studio maja, melbourne, australia) 
Photoshop Tutorials Fatima Suljagic
Photoshop Tutorials Fatima Suljagic
As you can see,  first I straitened the image then I corrected colours, sharpened the image, reduced the  shadows and finally I softened the background - Photoshop Tutorials by Fatima Suljagic (Art Studio Maja, Melbourne, Australia)  


The direction of our trainings depend on you. Once again, you can also give us your suggestion on what you want to learn form us. Fatima has 17 years of experience in the use of photoshop, she is one of the top digital artist/graphic designers. You can have full conference in her experience. The actual dates and locations for the tutorials will be announced shortly. You can give Fatima call on her mobile and express you interest (mob: 0435 070 304)

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