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Your Privacy is Important to Us!

At Art Studio Maja Pty Ltd, we take your privacy very seriously. The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), has set out what personal information we collect from our customers in order to perform our jobs. We hold that information protected as best to our ability. Here some main questions that are asked from our customers:

Q: Who is Art Studio Maja?

A: Art Studio Maja Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company registered in all states of Australia form 2007.

Q: What personal information does Art Studio Maja Pty Ltd collects ?

A: We collect and store your name/surname via our booking system, current addresses, phone numbers, email, work phone number, and other information which can help us to provide required services. We try to keep this information as protected as possible. Some information we collect might not be included in this list. This list depends on the service that we provide. Information collected form private entities may differ form information collected in commercial projects such as website programming and developing.

Q: How do we collect your personal details?

A: We may collect your personal information via phone or by direct consulting at the setup meeting. In some circumstances, when you can’t provide us with your personal information, we are not able to provide requested services! Sometimes if our safety is in question due to insufficient information provided on time of job condition arrangements we keep the right to refuse (cancel) the job.

Q: Why do we need those details?

A: We may use your personal information to: To check your identity To provide our customers with products and services required To improve our photographic and graphic (website) design services To analysis our services provided or evaluate the quality of products sold To prevent credit card and other bad payments frauds

Q: Do we share your details with others and why?

A: In some circumstances, we need to use your personal information in projects that involve third parties. other than our organisation. In that case we only ever do this when we need to provide services to you, or as otherwise explained in the job agreement, and we take all reasonable steps to keep your information secure. We require from those service providers to whom we disclose your information to comply with privacy policy as well.

Q: Do we share your personal details with others outside of Australia?

A: In some situations your personal information might be transferred outside of Australia via Online services (web design, website hosting, website development, online image publishing, etc.), but this is all done in compliance with our privacy policy. Art Studio Maja has password protected folders and pages, when our customers don’t what to share their documents and photos with the public.

Q: How do we handle your websites pages, details, applications, and cookies?

A: It is all handled in a secure online server database. Password protected folders and pages are available.

Q: How do we handle payments and credit card information?

A: We might collect credit information just as referred to in the Privacy Act. Sometimes you are just directed to make a payment via PayPal Online banking system or some other banking system, and we require these third party service providers to comply with privacy policy as well.

Q: What if I have a complaint who do I contact?

A: We take the safety of our customers’ very seriously, and aim to keep your information protected. So if you have any concerns and thinking that we have some weak points in a way that those points don’t comply with the Australian Privacy Policies, please fill up the contact form or give us a call (+61 3 9741 7056).

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