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The best product photography practices to achieve an amazing image quality, high image resolution and catchy appearance of products!

Photography is an extremely competitive business, especially here in Melbourne, Australia. I started photography many years ago, in 1992, ever since I got my first Nikon camera as a present. In years of doing photography I have learnt to use manual exposure (at all times) and also how to adjust settings properly according to lightening conditions to achieve the best results at low and high light conditions. I have also mastered studio lightening! I will use this opportunity to share some of my experiences with you.

Product Photographer Melbourne

When comes to achieving the best results in thestudio product photography there are three the the most important factors to watch out for:

1) Product highlights and resolution (see image 2 - Strawberries - Product Photography)

2) Background (plain white, plain black or other as requested by customer), as you can see from our product gallery I had to use post-processing skills to correct grey to white background

3) Post-processing of the image (see image 1 - Natural Orange Juice Promotion. Post-processing is very important to add true professional value to the commercial (product) photography work.

Please visit our Commercial Photography website and book our site for your future references. Please, note that Art Studio Maja offers free 30 minutes presentation on commercial (business) photography anywhere in Melbourne without additional travel charges. To book our free presentation use the online form and provide company name with phone number, if possible add your website and short description of the required job. We answer all our requests, related to our business, within 24 hrs.

Image 1 - Natural Orange Juice (Product Photography) 


As you can see this image was taken during the day at a natural sunlight! The key is to take a picture at 45 degree conner from the light source, increase shutter speed to avoid over exposure and adjust D-lightening to reduce shadows in the picture. Shadows also can be corrected using photoshop shadow reduction, but don't take a chance for the best results always adjust D-lightening correctly before photo-shoot. 

image 2 - Product Photography (Food - Strawberries)

Grey to White Background Correction

Here I used white paper background during photo-shoot. For post-processing I used photoshop CS6. First I lightened grey background as all cameras see white paper as grey. Then i created second layer from the image copy applied channel mixer monochrome as overlay to original image. You have to play with channel mixer settings until you achieve white background and then apply overlay filter. 

Product Photography Melbourne | Product Photographer

Product photography - the white background correction  


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