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Fatima made a breakthrough in cancer research and finally gave a definition of what cancer is! You can read this full story here!

One Scientist's Fight to Figure the CANCER DISEASE

When I started this social media I had interests of wide international community on my mind. I have spent years studying food science, nutrition and medicine to be able to solve health problems we have in this modern time. I recently claimed that I have figured things out, during my research, linked to modern diseases and cancer, and I really have. I told you that I am connected deeper to things than others, and that is true too. 
I want to tell you that some trying, as we speak, to claim my findings in the scientific research as their own, and that is not right. I won't let that happen. First because It is my work and I had no help from my supervisors in my research and second you should never claim somebody's work as your own, because it is not right. Not just that these people did not help me, they did not even support me in my research or accepted my research results. 
I have sent my research reports to top medical professionals in Australia including Health and Education Ministers and Mayo Clinic in America, just to end up without any degree or any recognition at so ever. 


Cancer Prevention - Previously I reported what the cancer is, you can read that story here:


Here are some tips on how to protect yourselves and your family from CANCER:

1) Eat freshly prepared and microbiologically safe foods. Do not trust the term "extended shelf life". Having extended shelf life of some foods increases the profit to manufacturers/shop owners and reduces waste. When I was going for some seminars I was annoyed by many scientist forcing the term "extended shelf life", when in fact they should use the term "fresh foods". For example right or wrong: dough can stand in the freezer for a long period of time (wrong). The fact is that most of our flours are infected by asparagilus and aflatoxins before dough is made. Asparagilus (Aflatoxins) are reported by many scientist as strong carcinogenic agents. How this affect the bread that stands too long on our shelfs?


Cancer Research Follow Up (Please, please read the story)

With this image I want to share with you one of my visions. It happened some time ago when I was completing my studying at Victoria University  (Melbourne, Australia). In my vision I found myself sitting at the table with approximately twenty other students (like a Harry Potter school). Table was long but with round corners at both ends. Among all student i could recognise only one Indian student, which was from VU as well.

All of a sudden a big beautiful bird flew (landed) onto the table. Bird was really big (~ size of the dog) with amazing feathers, washed out in the most amazing colours, and this bird could talk. The bird turned toward me first and said "You did well in your studying, one day you will be picking up products of your work", and then the bird went on talking about my future, she also said that I will need to borrow some money from the bank and then things are going to be ok. After that it turned itself toward this other student (Indian, male) from VU that I knew and said to him "But what are you doing?", then went on and on criticising him and his studying.


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