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This website and the data contained in it can be only used on the following terms and conditions: All images and written text on this website is copyright of Art Studio Maja Pty Ltd (Fatima Suljagic; owner/manager)

Users may link to our images and pages only for purposes of helping our business to be promoted and purposes of booking our pages and images toward ordering our products or employing our services

However, users may not ever remove our copyright statement or logo

Unless, our images are perviously bought they can not be used for promotion of any services or products

Additional terms and conditions apply in relation to rating of our services and reviewing of our business. Please, refer to those conditions at “Terms and Conditions of Business Reviews (Ratings)”. One basic rule applys here “You can’t participate in review of our business, services or products, on our pages or anywhere else online, unless you have received our services or products. We will list those terms and conditions in a another document.

Terms and Conditions related to the third-party images and websites advertising via Art Studio Maja’s website Links to a third party websites are provided for your convenience only or mutual business agreements. Art Studio Maja is not responsible for the contact advertised on those websites. It is a website owner responsibility. However, we don’t allow any bulling, frauds, sexual reference adult content images on our website, or mean comments without very good reason. If the comment and rating boxes are enabled, please use them to provide valuable information that can be used toward improving our services and product quality.

Privacy Policy For our privacy terms please refer to Art Studio Maja Pty Ltd - Privacy Policy 

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Art Studio Maja is a photographic, graphic design studio, located in Werribee, Melbourne (AU)