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Website design Melbourne - Art Studio Maja's web design/development services are very good choice if you are just starting you business and require new website design or if you need website upgrade or redesign. We are also good choice if you need to convert your existing website to a responsive site, a site that can be easily seen on all devices such as iPhones, iPads, smart phones, tablets and notebooks. At Art Studio Maja we have talented web designers for your website design and development needs, covering wide Melbourne area, Australia and the rest of the world. We create amazing user friendly customised websites for small and big businesses and large corporations. Innovative and artistic website design can make a difference to your business. Art Studio Maja has a large number of images that can be used in website designs. We also do commercial photography, if needed, in this process. We design simple, classical or modern and artistic websites.  

The website design services include

  1. Using Adobe web design premium we prepare all graphics for the website design
  2. We take your ideas in consideration and try to turn them into the simple, easy to communicate website design
  3. In this process we communicate our ideas with you and take your feedback toward creating satisfactory outcome
  4. We present and define key points of your business, products and services via simple and easy website design
  5. We follow guidelines and standards in this process

Art Studio Maja Custom Gallery Design

The image below is the latest project that we are working on - Desktop version of Art Studio Maja's online web gallery!

Website Design Melbourne Responsive Desktop

Our Expertise!

Our passionate team of website designers/developers have a real commitment to satisfying your business needs. We listen your ideas, create and design highly accessible, multiple devices ready and well presented professional sites. Our expertise is in the web design, web development, web programming (dynamic web pages), e-commerce online stores, SEO (search engine optimisation), Google advertising (AdWords), Online marketing (social media presence), online publishing,business branding, and website content copywriting.


Art Studio Maja Pty Ltd, was establish in 2007, and ever since we have been working hard to develop our online portfolio in web design as well as portfolio in photography. These are areas of our expertise. We provide website design solutions for a wide range of businesses including: hotels, restaurants, retail shops (small or large), building companies manufacturing and industry leaders in various fields, legal institutions, photographic services, real-estate agencies, small businesses with wide area of services, and community services. We work closely with our clients to create a long lasting relationship. Above everything we have acceptable website design prices for quality services that we provide. Please make our company your choice.

Website Design Melbourne Responsive Mobile
Website Design Melbourne | Graphic Design


We consider importance of responsive designs. In our latest project we started with two different designs as you can see from the picture above. First we made the photoshop image gallery. Then we created CSS style using dreamweaver, and finally we turned it into the fully functional website using html coding. 

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We provide wide range services for companies such as logo design (branding), advertising, website design and development, business stationary production (brochures, business cards, letterheads, leaflets, DL cards, greeting cards etc.). Please, follow the picture links below